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Brand Architecture

We bring brands to life through strategic insight and creative vision. Our experienced design team creates the imagery to tell your story.



Whether your brand needs a name, a creative marketing plan, a noveau conceptual idea or just better direction, our experienced team will guide you through our proven process with industry-specific expertise.


Web & Social

Any business that does not have a brand consistent web presence is leaving money on the table and does not display responsibility & compliance with current trends.

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For almost a decade we have helped our clients grow their businesses exponentially by proffering solutions in the areas of Brand Architecture, Strategy & Web/Digital Media Solutions.

In a fast paced, creatively dynamic, highly competitive customer-centric and profit driven business landscape, there's ONE very important element every business needs to succeed: the ability to EVOLVE!

To EVOLVE is to constantly GROW; to grow is to SUCCEED whilst keeping ahead of the competition.


For the past 5 years we have provided ingenious, strategy based thinking for our Clients which has made them grow into success. Even if you're unaware of next steps: a couple of hours with our strategic team usually will get you on your way.

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What Customer Says

All I had was a 15 minute chat with Tolu and the result was unbeleivable. I was confused at what design to chose and he eneded up advising me as to which design to pick and why. I love my website too as well as my business cards! He always has fresh, creative ideas every time I call!

LIKA AHONSI / Creative Head

The designs by Terra Nova are definitely world class. They totally transformed my brand beyond expetation. Their idesa are fresh & the execution is remarkable.


Brilliant desings, quality prints and very creative ideas.


What I like about the Terra Nova team is the 'Unnigerian' timely service delivery and excellent Customer Servcice. We are thrilled to have done business with them and we are happy to call them again next time we are in Nigeria .

REGIS AMAIZO/ Head, Local Procurement

We are quite impressed with the way this project was handled. We are happy with the outcome. We would like to say a big Thank you to the team.


Case Studies

Perfect Coordinators

Service: Brand Architecture. Web Solutions. Strategy

JobPoint Limited

Brief: Idea Execution
Service: Strategy Session, Brand Architecture, Idea Execution, Startup Consultancy

Cross & Churchill Estates Limited

Brief: Business process improvement and business development strategy
Service: Creative Consultancy, Strategic Business Development & Business Process Improvement

Connect The Dots

Our Client in the Business Support Service business

Service: Strategy, Brand Identity Design & Startup Consultancy

Faultless Finish

Faultless Finish provides 7-Star Blueprint, Construction & Finishing to work, retail, play and living spaces

Service: Brand Revamp, Creative Consultancy, Print Production


Luxury Gifts Company providing exclusive gift items to a select few

Service: Brand Revamp, Creative Consultancy, Print Production, Web Solutions

Sao Café

A leading provider of soulful meals that delight. We revamped the Sao Café logo into a more industry friendly logo

Service: Brand Revamp, Website development & Social Media integration


A highly creative client who ingeniously blends photography and art.

Brief: Design a logo that represents business objectives and a suitable website
Service: Brand Architecture. Web Solutions. Strategy


For over 5 years we have delivered creative consultancy & strategy solutions to help increase market growth and execute a successful brand strategy to this bespoke clothing line

Service: Strategy & Creative Consultancy


Terra Nova has provided branding & print production solutions to GEL over the past 5 years. GEL is an energy company providing a broad spectrum of energy solutions to clients across Africa-

Service: Print Production. Creative Consultancy

Woks and Koi

For 3 years we have designed, developed, updated and maintained the website of Woks & Koi, one of Abuja's first rate Asian Cuisine Providers.

Brief: Design a fully interactive website for an Asian cuisine
Service: Web Design. Creative Consultancy.

Rubicon Real Estate Ltd

Terra Nova provided brand identity design as well as website and social media architecture to this major player in the West African Real Estate Sector

Brief: Design an industry relevant logo for a startup real estate company
Service: Brand Identity Design. Startup strategy. Web Solutions. Social Media Architecture

Tes Amour

Tes Amour is a luxury provider of bespoke gift items and experiences. We have provided creative brand consultancy & brand architecture for the company as well as packaging solutions for their tin range of candles

Brief: Logo redesign, packaging design
Service: Packaging design, product activation strategy

Mad Science

This Client makes it their mission to spark imaginative learning! Mad science is the leading science enrichment provider for children in kindergarten through to grade 6.

Brief: Produce marketing business plan for new Children's tourism product
Service: Design of business proposal & marketing strategy


The 2014 edition afforded us the opportunity to provide creative consultancy, print production & project management consultancy as we provided talent runners and security personnel

Service: Creative Consultancy, Print Production, Protocol & Project Management

Genesis Energy

Genesis Energy is an independent power provider to many nations in West Africa. We have and continue to provide creative consultancy as well as print production services.

Brief: Provide high quality print production brochures and other brand collaterals
Service: Print Production. Creative Consultancy.

Kids Lounge

Have you ever had the dilemma of where to put your kids when you want to go for that party you've been looking forward to? This is the Kids Lounge solution- we have provided creative consultancy and print production solutions to this life saving concept.

Brief: Redesign logo from previous format & design brand collaterals
Service: Brand Collateral Design, Creative Consultancy

Surulere Job Fair

From project ideation & conceptualization to proposal submission & defence. Our team of highly creative & experienced project management personnel handled this project from initiation to closing including all the branding, strategy & web solutions.

Service: Project ideation & conceptualization to proposal submission & defence; project initiation, planning, execution to closing including all the branding, strategy & web solutions

Sola Oguche Agudah

We also provide Individual Brand Strategy Consultancy; Sola Oguche-Agudah is an Author, Life Coach & Parenting enthusiast, Terra Nova took over her brand and turned it around including brand revamp, website redesign, social media integration & management as well as marketing strategy for her first book- Zara

Brief: Total brand revamp of Sola Agudah Oguche
Service: Brand Identity Redesign. Sales strategy. Web Solutions. Social Media Architecture


The RSSDA is an agency of the Rivers State Government

Brief: Provide a high impact solution to unemployment in Rivers State. From project ideation & conceptualization to proposal submission & defence. Our team of highly creative & experienced project management personnel handled this project from initiation to closing including all the branding, strategy & web solutions.
Service: Project ideation & conceptualization to proposal submission & defence; project initiation, planning, execution to closing including all the branding, strategy & web solutions

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2nd Floor, Block 94,Plot 8 Providence Street,
Lekki 1, Lagos.